Former AG Bill Barr: Trump is neither a victim nor a savior, but a reckless catalyst | wayne dupree

After shockingly declaring that former President Donald Trump has a ‘toast’ if half of the 37 charges against him are true, former Attorney General Bill Barr has been buzzing in the political world for a week . After taking personal beatings from the former president for a week, Barr is now responding with a harsh assessment of his former employer.

Barr reiterated his belief that Trump is solely responsible for his current condition in a surprising Sunday interview with Robert Costa on CBS.

He is not the victim in this situation, nor is it an example of government overreach, according to Barr. “He initiated the whole problem himself. Yes, he has been the target of unwarranted witch hunts before. But that doesn’t change the fact that he also has serious character flaws and behaves recklessly. And it causes disasters, like this, which are extremely damaging and harm any political movement it is affiliated with.


Trump has “a lot of great traits” and “has done some good things,” according to the former attorney general, but his actions ultimately threaten the GOP’s mission.

He routinely engages in dangerous behaviors that endanger his political supporters and the Conservative and Republican agenda because he is a consummate narcissist, the speaker claimed.

Barr replied, “Yes, I do,” when asked if he thought Trump lied to the Justice Department.

He continues with this stunning postscript: “He will always privilege his own interests and satisfy his own ego over all other considerations, even the interests of the nation. There is no doubt in my mind. This is the perfect illustration. like a 9-year-old boy who constantly pushes the glass close to the edge of the table while defying his parents to stop him. It’s a way for him to establish himself and demonstrate his power over others. Also, he is a very selfish guy who will always put his needs and ego above those of the nation. However, a troubled man like him cannot use our nation as a therapeutic setting.

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