Fern and Ben Seewald melt fans’ hearts in touching video

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Sweet pair Fern and Ben Seewald are melting fans’ hearts in a touching new video. This weekend, Jessa Seewald captured a precious moment between father and youngest daughter and couldn’t help but share it with her 2.5 million social media followers. Scroll down to take a look and see what fans are saying.

On social media, Jessa has documented many sweet moments with her husband, Ben, and their four children. Even without counting on broadcast, its subscribers have the chance to see the children grow up. Spurgeon is now seven, Henry is six, Ivy is nearly four, and Fern is nearly two.

Fern and Ben Seewald - Instagram
Fern and Ben Seewald – Instagram

Fern and Ben Seewald bond in touching new video.

On Saturday, Jessa shared a new video of her husband and their youngest child, Fern. She revealed that she captured it when she was walking down the hallway of her house. She found Fern and Ben sitting on the bed reading a book together. The father and daughter couple cuddled up and enjoyed some quality time. He even rocked her for a moment, hugging her tightly.

The Duggar daughter said she “had to take a break and accept it”.

Then Ben Seewald put Fern and some of her dolls in her bed. He kissed his baby girl on the head and did the same with his dolls, at her request.

Below, you can check out the adorable video Jessa shared of Fern and Ben Seewald.

Duggar fans say the video melted their hearts.

After watching this video, friends, family members and fans flooded in the comments and shared their thoughts on this touching moment. Jeremiah Duggar’s wife, Hannah, said, “So adorable!”

Many point out how lucky Jessa and the kids are to have Ben. After all, not all fathers are so active with their children. A Duggar fan said: “She will always remember how safe she felt.” Another added: “He kissed the dolls……..melts my heart.”

Another added: “Such a tender moment in time. You do well to cherish these moments! 💕”

So, what do you think of this precious video of Fern and Ben Seewald? Can you identify with Jessa Seewald capturing these touching everyday moments on video? Speak out in the comments section below and come back to TV shows for more information on the Duggar family.

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