“FBoy Island” picked up by the CW after Max’s cancellation

Boy’s Island is making a comeback.

The reality series was picked up for a third season by The CW after Max (formerly HBO Max) canceled the show.

Comedian and actress Nikki Glaser is set to return as a host when Season 3 premieres in the fall, The CW announced this week.

“With her innovative and modern take on the reality dating genre, incredibly talented host Nikki Glaser and her truly unforgettable title, Boy’s Island on The CW is a perfect match,” Heather Olander, head of unscripted programming, told The CW network.

“I’m so excited to have my favorite reality TV show coming back,” added host and executive producer Nikki Glaser.

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Along with the announcement came news of a spin-off series, FGirl Island, also hosted by Glaser. Both shows will go into production back-to-back this summer, with FGirl Island scheduled for a mid-season start.

The original show, Boy’s Island, follows three women who move to a tropical paradise where they are joined by 26 men – 13 “Nice Guys” looking for love and 13 “Fboys”, there to fight over money. Women will navigate the dating pool with the hope of finding a lasting romantic relationship. By the finale, the Nice Guys and FBoys are revealed and the women make their final choices.

Boy’s Island is a social experiment that asks: can the FBoys reform or do the Nice Guys always end up last?

FGirl Island sex changes, three men trying to identify 24 women as womanizers (“FGirls”) or looking for a serious relationship (“Nice Girls”).

Boy’s Island And FGirl Island are produced by STXtelevision.

“STXtelevision is thrilled to partner with The CW to give Boy’s Island a wonderful new home,” said Jason Goldberg, Chief Creative Officer of STX Digital/New Media Group and Alternative Content.

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