Fast X Spoilers: Ending, Death, Cameos, And What It Means For Part 2

From x fast, Diesel even teased that plans have changed yet again, and what was once meant to be a two-parter may now turn into a trilogy. So the ending of the 2023 movies was never going to be fully satisfying, even if the brutality of the real thing is even more shocking than it enticing:

After Uncle Jakob uses his Batmobile-esque vehicle to kamikaze a fleet of enemy vehicles coming for Dom’s ol’ Dodge Charger, seemingly killing himself in the process, Dom finds himself surrounded atop a barrage by autonomous tankers. Villain Dante (Jason Momoa) reveals this is exactly where he always wanted things to end against Toretto, with Dom and his son Little Brian (Leo Abelo Perry) helpless as they are betrayed by the corrupt CIA man Aimes (Alan Rtichson*), who uses a bazooka to knock Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsey’s plane out of the sky.

(*Fun fact: Ritchson played Aquaman on The CW Smallville long before Momoa did the same on the big screen, which means the real villains of x fast are the Aquaman brothers!)

Dom being Dom, however, means he can of course improvise from a sticky situation. Hence the Charger, in disbelief, descending along an almost vertical barrage, passing the first explosion. But with the car seemingly crashing into the water below for good, there is no escape when Dante blows up the rest of the dam, burying the Torettos under countless gallons of water.

Frankly, the pair should be dead. Although they should have died on the roadblock, and in fact Dom should have died several times throughout this film, starting with the fact that he drove his car headlong into a brick wall in Rome. So ignoring the physics, there is a Hail Mary that has yet to be revealed that we believe can save him…

The return of Mr. Nobody

Gone but never forgotten, Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody cast a long shadow over the Fast and Furious films. After stealing scenes with his favorite Belgian beers in both Furious 7 And The fate of the furious, this “Agency” spymaster was last seen injured but still alive and kicking in the eighth Fast movie. In fact, one of the incidents prompting F9: the fast saga it is Dom and the family who believe they have located Mr. Nobody after his disappearance. This turns out to be a ruse, with the ghost’s disappearance remaining unexplained even after meeting his daughter Tess (Brie Larson) in x fast. It is during his first scene with the deceitful Aimes that the traitor complains that his father has done his disappearing act.

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