Fans find Gummy Bear’s story highly underrated

Phil and Mitchell’s infamous gummy bear subplot in “Modern Family” still manages to be one of the funniest side stories on the show. This is largely down to the chemistry between the characters of Ty Burrell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, which fans like u/slowdownyourneighbour say make the episode. “Definitely one of my favorite episodes! Love the Mitch/Phil couple,” the user comments. Similarly, u/zayatopia are in love with the pair, going so far as to call them an “underrated DUO! !!”

Luckily, the underrated duo had more than enough time to shine. Trying to pinpoint the most upsetting moment of their getaway is a particularly difficult task for fans. On Reddit, u/froggaholic notes the memorable scene where, after one of Luke’s friends fell from the window in front of the adults, Phil and Mitchell, who knew about the party, “…quietly say ‘there has a party upstairs’, it’s so hilarious.”

A YouTube comments section also saw fans give their thoughts on what made the funniest moment. A fan found Phil’s line towards the end, “I have two words for you – think about time travel” be particularly disgusting.I laughed for 5 minutes straight repeating the same scene,” they comment. In the meantime, another viewer found Mitchell’s eating chip particularly comedic, saying, “It was Mitchell who had the craving for me.” Phil and Mitchell’s night may not have gone to plan, but fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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