Fans Call for Jared’s Removal After Slur Against America

CBS’s Big Brother Season 25 has another controversy with Jared Fields and America Lopez. Jared’s the Head of Household in week 5, which means he gets to call the shots and attempt to spearhead the subsequent eviction. But Jared might’ve hurt his position in the game after calling America a slur during the live feeds.

[Spoiler alert: Big Brother Season 25 spoilers ahead regarding Jared Fields.]

Some fans want Jared Fields removed from ‘Big Brother’ Season 25 after he used a slur against America Lopez

Big Brother Season 25 features Jared Fields in the house with his mother, Cirie Fields. Only a few houseguests know of Jared’s relation to Cirie. But Jared’s current alliance with Cirie, Izzy Gleicher, and Felicia Cannon helps keep the target off his back. In week 5, Jared’s on top as the Head of Household. But it all could come crumbling down for him after he used a slur against America Lopez.

Jared was strategizing with his allies on Friday, Sept. 1, 2023, when he called America the R-word. While speaking to his friends in the house, Jared noted that America winning the Power of Veto would be highly detrimental to his game, as he didn’t want her to be able to keep herself safe from eviction.

After using the word to describe America, he approached Cory Wurtenberger about the situation. Cory and America have a close relationship that breaches into showmance territory. “I don’t think she’s the R-word. I slipped up,” Jared told Cory on the live feeds on Saturday, Sept. 2. “Obviously, I was angry about it [and] I’m willing to admit that.”

Despite Jared’s apology, some Big Brother fans want to see Jared removed from the game. The series notoriously doesn’t permit derogatory language. Another episode aired after Jared said the R-word, and CBS didn’t make a statement about the situation.

Luke Valentine commented on the controversy

Luke Valentine has opinions about what happened with Jared Fields in Big Brother Season 25. Fans remember when Luke said the N-word during the live feeds, leading CBS to remove him promptly. “Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct, and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur,” the network and producers told Us Weekly at the time. “He has been removed from the house. His departure will be addressed in Thursday night’s show.”

Luke took to Instagram on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023, to address the situation regarding Jared.

“Luke, what’s your opinion on you being expelled for saying the N-word but Jared is still in the house after saying the R-word?” a fan asked Luke on Instagram.

“Enforcement of the code of conduct seems rather selective, doesn’t it?” Luke replied. The comment has since been deleted.

Big Brother Season 25 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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