Famous nanny Marva Soogrim is the subject of a “bidding war” between stars

It takes a village to raise a child, or if you’re a wealthy celebrity with vast resources… you could hire someone like Marva Soogrim.

According to our sources, there are several A-list celebs with a newborn who are trying to outbid Marva’s services. Marva has been one of Hollywood’s most in-demand nannies and newborn care specialists for 40 years. And wait to hear the names of his clients!

Marva has a medical assistant background, a long list of stellar credentials from high-profile public figures, and a deep sense of spirituality that her clients often share. She’s also developed decades of confidence by adhering to very strict NDAs and never sharing any information about their personal lives with the press, something most star clients value above all else.

Celebrity Baby Nanny has a list of tons of A-List clients

Famous nanny Marva Soogrim is the subject of a

She is originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and moved to New York in 1981 after her intuition led her to believe that moving to America would change her life. Shortly after moving, Marva began working as a nanny for several families with newborn babies. Over the years, word of Marva’s new approach to newborn care that includes the whole family, even pets, began to spread.

Two decades later, the actor Chris O’Donnell and his wife Caroline hired Marva to care for their newborn baby. It wasn’t long before Marva’s name spread like wildfire among celebrities, and they hired her to care for their newborn babies as well.

The superb group of stars includes, Julia Roberts, Reese WitherspoonNaomi Campbell, Courtney CoxSheryl Crow, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, Laura Dern and Kristin Davis to name a few.

Now, Marva is launching her highly anticipated “Marvalous Masterclass” on her website in the fall.

Hollywood stars offer huge sums of money to work with Marva Soogrim

Famous nanny Marva Soogrim is the subject of a

“I want to help the world of new moms find comfort, ease and support in their parenting journey so they can become ‘wonder moms’. When working with my clients, I use my experience and my intuition to create a very unique plan that empowers parents and can be customized to each family’s specific needs to help ease the anxiety that comes with being a new parent can be overwhelming,” she says.

Due to production demands, Marva’s time is even more valuable and her potential clients have reflected this in their bids. Our source tells us that some offers would have reached SEVEN figures with benefits.

Which A-lister could be next? !

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