Ex-Boyfriend and Friends Beat Her, Cut Her Hair, Tore Her Clothes For This Reason

A disturbing video circulating online has shed light on a distressing incident where a young woman was subjected to physical and emotional abuse by her ex-boyfriend and his friends.

The video captures the shocking scene of her being getting for mercy while on her knees, her hair cut off, and her clothes torn apart.

The ex-boyfriend and his friends allegedly forced her to apologize to his current girlfriend, whom she had reportedly clashed with over him.

The footage has sparked outrage as it highlights the gravity of the situation and the need for awareness about domestic abuse and violence against women.

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Netizens reacted:

U aint do this to my relatives and go free frustrated man. His made re busy making money and taking care of their wifes, he is in the village fighting for his current girlfriend.

It can’t never be me or any of my sister if not one person go kpa i swear before police go come to their rescue

This is just tooooo Barbaric , inhuman act and this is someone you once claim you Loved

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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