Emmy Rossum is a ‘Muva’ again, gave birth to a healthy baby boy

Emmy Rossum entered a new stage in life: mothering two pennies 2. On Wednesday, she welcomed a son into the world.

Emmy Rossum’s “Misty” Morning

Emmy Rossum is a 'Muva' again, gave birth to a healthy baby boy
Instagram/Emmy Rossum

THE Shameless The actress shared the exciting news on Instagram today and some photos commemorating the moment. “04.05.23,” Rossum wrote. “One foggy Wednesday morning, our son was born.”

Rossum shared her son’s footprints, date of birth, time of delivery, 10:40 a.m., weight, 6 pounds 10 ounces, and height, 19.5 inches. Judging by all the information we got on the little guy, Rossum is thrilled to meet this person who has inhabited his body for nine months.

She shared a photo of her pregnant belly, ready to burst. She holds her shirt open so her followers have the best view of her belly. Rossum has been all stomached during her pregnancy.

She is one of those pregnant women who do not look pregnant from the back. Also, it’s important to point out that Rossum didn’t tell anyone she was expecting. Like her last pregnancy, she hid the big news and her pronounced belly from her social media fans and dads.

Emmy Rossum shared her face

Emmy Rossum is a 'Muva' again, gave birth to a healthy baby boy
Instagram/Emmy Rossum

No word on a name yet, but Rossum shared a final sweet snap of her baby boy’s labia minora and plump cheeks. It’s wrapped in a blanket like a small burrito. She tags her husband, writer/director Sam Esmail who unfortunately is no longer on Instagram because Facebook owns it.

The two tied the knot in 2017 after dating for a few years. This new baby is the couple’s second.

Since sharing the news, Rossum has quickly left IG and is likely taking care of her mother’s duties. Rossum didn’t update her fans on her pregnancy progress or any photos here and there. She is extremely private about her personal life.

The singer is now a mom to two kids under the age of two, and if she thought parenthood was a ride before, it’s about to get crazier!

Emmy Rossum’s second Mother’s Day

Emmy Rossum is a 'Muva' again, gave birth to a healthy baby boy
Instagram/Emmy Rossum

This past Mother’s Day, Rossum shared some memorable moments during her first year as a mom, and this year she welcomed a new baby and will be celebrating her second Mother’s Day with baby #2. Will she have baby #3 by next Mother’s Day?

“Mother’s Day. The first year was full of playing, crawling, eating, carrying pacifiers in my mouth and holding hands. I am so deeply grateful to be your mother.” -she writes. Emmy shared photos of her baby girl snuggling up to her, hand painting, crawling or at least trying to enjoy a day at the park. So many fun stages!

Rossum’s friends, fans and family flooded her comments section with love for her new bundle of joy and the journey of having two children. “That’s adorable. Congratulations to you and your family!”

“Congratulations!!! That sweet nose 😍,” another commented.

Some were annoyed that Rossum only shared the news now. “ANOTHER SURPRISE PREGNANCY. FOR WHAT.”

“The fact that none of us knew she was pregnant again 😅 she’s so good at hiding it ❤️ Congratulations Emmy,” said another.

Hidden or not, the news is exciting. Congratulations Emmy and Sam!

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