Elsa Hosk exposes her “mama Bod” in her tight pink bikini

Elsa Hosk reveals a lot of skin in a tiny two-piece!

The model recently spiced things up on Instagram when she teased her 8.4 million followers with a sizzling new post. Hosk shared a steamy video of herself enjoying a day in the sun while wearing a racy bikini that showed off her killer curves.

That sunny glow!

Elsa Hosk posing for the camera.
Instagram | Elsa Hosk

The clip saw the Swedish bombshell posing on the balcony in the bright sunshine which cast a lovely glow on her perfectly tanned complexion. She stood in front of a low, gray deckchair while bending her knee and placing her right foot on the cushion.

The 34-year-old put her hands behind her back before lifting them up to run her fingers through her blonde locks. To spice things up, Hosk grabbed the straps of her bikini top and pulled them inward, enhancing her busty display. She was then seen lying on her back on the tanning bed with her pins angled to the side and her arms raised above her head.

Hosk showcased more sultry poses, including one that exposed her perky buns and long legs.

So pretty in pink

Elsa Hosk takes a selfie.
Instagram | Elsa Hosk

The former Victoria’s Secret angel rocked a neon pink Lavarice bikini that did nothing but favors for her phenomenal physique. Her swimwear set featured a triangle-style top with thin straps that showed off Hosk’s toned shoulders and arms. The garment also featured an outrageous neckline that fell daringly across her chest, leaving her cleavage almost completely bare and cleavage visible.

Matching bikini bottoms also caused a stir. He sported a high-cut design that showcased his curvy hips and sculpted thighs. The swimsuit belt hooked above her waist, accentuating the curves of her hips. Her low-cut front, meanwhile, drew attention to her tight stomach and abs.

Look like ‘Barbie’

Hosk wore her golden braids and styled in soft waves with a center part. She skipped the accessories, letting her amazingly toned body do all the talking.

Looking like a doll herself, Hosk added Aqua’s 1997 hit song “Barbie Girl.”

Get Flak

The Fashion Awards after-party at Chiltern Fire Station

The images have received a lot of attention from her fans and have racked up many likes since they were uploaded to her account. Additionally, some admirers, fellow celebrities and her partner Tom Daly took to the comments section to express their admiration for Hosk. However, some were unhappy with his now-deleted caption.

“Mombod always had it😂💗,” Hosk wrote.

“Yes, Elsa is gorgeous, that’s her job. But this mombod is totally unrealistic for most mums. Society blames mums for a lot of things and it’s sad that we’re supposed to look like this,” commented one of them.

A “bad model”?

Elsa Hosk posing for the camera.
Instagram | Elsa Hosk

“Mommy buddy? Not a realistic expectation for most people. Even before pregnancy, most women aren’t that thin. No body shame, just unrealistic for many women,” another user added.

“I’m sorry. It’s not sexy. women. I’m glad she can make money doing what she does, but it’s not appealing to me or my boyfriend,” another commenter noted.

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