Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson named as defendant in stunning kidnapping case | wayne dupree

A massive $3 billion lawsuit alleging kidnapping is being filed against actor and celebrity Dwayne Johnson.

Trenesha Biggers, a former TNA and WWE wrestler who competed under the ring name Rhaka Khan, recently submitted court documents needed to pursue a $3 billion lawsuit that names Dwayne Johnson as one of the defendants. in an alleged kidnapping, which Inside the Magic previously covered. Biggers claims that in 2008, Johnson and Dany Garcia, a business associate, conspired to kidnap her and her children.

Biggers claims Johnson and his ex-wife Danny Garcia sent three men to forcibly evict him from his home in Tampa, Florida. She alleges that while imprisoned in a hotel in Miami, Florida, she suffered physical and mental abuse. She claims that if she disobeyed Garcia and Johnson’s demands, they would hurt her. Other parties named as defendants in the lawsuit include the State of Texas, El Paso Child Protective Services, Las Cruces Police Department, New Mexico, New York Police Department , the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, ACS New York, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Shirley Police Department, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Suffolk County NY, Bank of America, Home Depot and even the FBI.

The latest development is that counsel for Johnson and Garcia released a statement in which they “categorically deny any involvement in the alleged incident”, adding that they “look forward to clearing their names in court”.

Readers were told in another report that these are just allegations and nothing has been legally proven, according to Disney Dining.

“Dwayne Johnson is the subject of serious allegations which require a thorough investigation. It is essential to keep in mind that these are only allegations and that both parties have the opportunity to provide evidence to support for their positions in court It is crucial that we continue to work towards justice and accountability even when the truth may not come out right away.

After taking the place of Johnny Depp in the franchise, The Rock would have been fired from the future film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Johnson has apparently not been associated with Disney since May 2023, nor is he involved in any current or future Disney projects.

However, it’s not yet known if Dwayne’s exclusion from Disney projects is the result of the case. Johnson has worked well with Disney over the years. take part in a variety of projects aimed at a wide audience. The Jumanji series, The Jungle Cruise, the animated film “Moana” and other Disney projects are just a few of its important undertakings.

No further statement has been made at this time and no hearing date has yet been set. We likely won’t hear any further updates as legal counsel begin to prepare their cases until the complaint is heard in court or resolved out of court.

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