Don’t vote for Hunter Biden, whatever you do

Trae Crowder, the liberal slob, makes a hot point about the entire Hunter Biden plea deal. He makes some good points. The first is that the right has a shitty fit about the sentence, calling it too light. However, no matter what happened to Biden, it wouldn’t have been enough for them anyway. If they had given Hunter the death penalty, they would want him brought back to life just so they could kill him again.

Meanwhile, the left ignores everything, essentially taking the approach that he was punished for his crimes.

What I want to know is when those right-wing hicks who moan the most will be held accountable for THEIR crimes. When will Matt Gaetz face justice for the girls he raped or for the betrayal he participated in? When is Bucky Boebert charged with treason and endangering the life of President Nancy Pelosi? And what about the rest of the Trump Klan? Then watch the right change tone very quickly.

But I’ll tell you what – because of his crimes, I promise never to vote for Hunter Biden. Now it’s the turn of the right to make the same promise for TFG, Boebert, Sporkfoot, Gaetz, RoJo, etc, etc, etc.

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