Doja Cat Explains the Meaning of Her Skeleton Bat Tattoo

Doja Cat shares the meaning of her massive skeletal bat tattoo that covers her entire back.

Weeks after arguing with her fans on social media over one of her recent tattoos, the singer/rapper has debuted yet another eyebrow-raising piece of art on her body. Last month, Doja Cat shared an image of the tattoo she got on her arm, which immediately sparked a backlash from some fans who called the new ink “demonic.” Some fans accused her of selling her soul to the devil, to which the artist shared a nonchalant response, pretty much telling her detractors to kick the ass.

It’s obvious the Doja Cat tattoo artist has been busy lately as yesterday she debuted her new back tattoo showing the skeleton of a massive bat with wings extending across her upper back . Perhaps in an effort to put an end to any further criticism of her body art, Doja Cat also shared the meaning of her tattoo.

Doja Cat
Doja cat tattoo

“The excerpts she shared describing the meaning read, ‘Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. They are symbols of transition, initiation and the beginning of a new beginning.

Thanks to the skills of her tattoo artist Mr. K, the details of the body tattoo are quite remarkable. The tattoo starts almost at the center of the back of her neck with the bat tail extending down her spine and stops at the middle of her back, almost by geometric design. The bat’s wings extended across his upper back, extending outward to his shoulder joints.

The 27-year-old rapper has been feeling artistically free lately, not only in her music, but also in her body art. Doja Cat recently revealed that her next album will be an all-rap project as she pledges to break away from her more pop songs that have made her a household name. She told her fans on Twitter that pop wasn’t so exciting to her anymore, so she had no interest in recording pop music.

Are you ready to hear Doja Cat jump to a beat and spit bars?

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