Doja Cat Bares All In Spider-Web White Dress at 2023 MTV VMAs

Doja Cat is ready to paint the town red, but first, she nearly bared it all in a white “spider web” dress, sticking with the theme of her new album, “Scarlet.” Her 2023 MTV VMAs performance also slayed fans like none other, so here go all the pictures, videos, and reactions we could find…

Doja Cat Is A ‘White Widow”

Doja Cat blows MTV VMAs away with performance and cobweb dress

Trust fans to make the most of Doja Cat in a barely there white dress that looked like she had draped herself in spider webs. While Doja wore a nude thong underneath, it seems she went bare on top, which made model Winnie Harlow send her a compliment, “Come on white widow…”

Cat wore her hair in her customary silver buzz cut, opting for heavily done, spiky eyelashes with white eye makeup. It’s definitely a far cry from her painting herself in red for “Scarlet.”

She wore lots of jewelry to compliment the look, with diamond danglers, a stunning snake-themed bracelet, and some more bling. She also wore silver clunky heels to match the look.

Ice Spice claimed she was “obsessed,” given that both have been pretty chummy lately, while another felt felt, “lost a little weight but ain’t ever lost the tushy!” Another piped, “Never wished I was a spider more than…” while another felt that Doja “Ended Spider-Man.”

Watch Doja sashay down to the red carpet in her cobweb dress…

Doja Cat Blew 2023 MTV VMAs Away With Three-Song Performance

Doja Cat blows MTV VMAs away with performance and cobweb dress
Instagram | Doja Cat

Doja is one of the 2023 MTV VMAs’ most-nominated artists, with five nominations in the categories of Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Direction, and Best Art Direction. She did win for the Best Art Direction for “Attention” (with art direction by Spencer Graves.)

What truly took the cake was her performance, where she performed her three trending songs, “Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” and “Demons,” lasting more than 5 minutes.

Here’s Doja’s stunning performance that had fans begging for more, even as the haters sat up and looked.

Fans also think that she paid homage to, or was at least inspired by Britney Spears, wearing a rather demure blazer and skirt ensemble, with a white shirt. Of course, being Doja, the socks were red.

Audience Loved The Energetic Performance

Doja Cat blows MTV VMAs away with performance and cobweb dress
Instagram | Doja Cat

Most fans loved Doja’s performance, calling it the best one of the night, although Twitter seemed divided down in the middle between her and Nicki Minaj. More compared her to previous legendary performances, commenting, “Hands down one of the best of the night. Iconic VMA performance that will be memorable and put into the Hall of Fame of VMA performances. I haven’t seen a powerful iconic VMA performance in a while. Like Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, Britney’s slave 4 u, Eminem’s slim shady, etc”

Taylor Swift certainly seemed to have a gala time as she stood and turned the VMAs into her personal concert, mouthing the lyrics to “Paint the Town Red” and swinging to Doja’s unique voice. Clearly, she has Swift’s stamp of approval…

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