Does your partner monopolize the blankets? Try the Scandinavian Sleep Method

Who among us hasn’t been curled up under a warm blanket, cozy like a bug in a rug, only to be jerked out of our warm cocoon with a sudden turn from a sleeping partner? While snoring is high on couples’ list of problematic sleeping habits, another issue is the disruption of a partner’s sleep, especially when one partner takes up the majority of the coverage, whether knowingly or not. No.

This is where the Scandinavian Sleep Method can save unhappy, sleep-deprived couples, according to Refinery29. Rather than engaging in a full divorce in which you choose to sleep in different beds just to get enough sleep, this method, which is standard throughout Scandinavia as well as other European countries, uses a general divorce instead and helps achieve the same results.

For many couples, not having enough blanket or feeling constrained while confined under one blanket can lead to repeated sleep interruptions. So when you fall asleep each night with your own individual blankets, it can solve the problems of those who have partners who hog the blankets.

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