Did Tiffany Jenkins get divorced? Are They Still Together

Who is Tiffany Jenkins? 

Tiffany Jenkins is an author and writer, set to publish her upcoming book titled “Strangers and Intimates: The Rise and Fall of Private Life” in spring 2024 by Picador. She is also the presenter of two BBC Radio 4 series: “A Narrative History of Secrecy”, a 5-part series exploring the history of secrecy, and “Contracts of Silence”, which delves into the widespread use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

For a period of 5 years, Tiffany Jenkins contributed columns to the Scotsman. Her writing has also been featured in publications such as the Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, and the Spectator. In addition, she has worked on various broadcasting projects, including the BBC Radio 4 program ‘Beauty and the Brain’, which delved into what science can reveal about art.

Tiffany Jenkins has been recognized as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and was previously a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. With a Ph.D. in sociology and a BSc in art history, she is involved in the development of purpose, vision, and strategy for arts organizations throughout Europe.


Did Tiffany Jenkins get divorced?

Tiffany Jenkins has not divorced her husband Drew, despite rumors to the contrary. In fact, the couple recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on February 16. They met on a blind date and began dating shortly thereafter. Jenkins became well-known for sharing her stories of drug addiction and is passionate about raising awareness of the mental illness. Previously, she lived with her boyfriend, a police officer, and their pet named Tatum. However, she is now happily married to Drew, the father of her two children, and content with her life.


Professional career of Tiffany Jenkins 

Tiffany Jenkins, a recovering addict, and comedian is a well-known social media personality with over 9 million followers on her various platforms and over a billion total video views. She uses her platform to assist and encourage others who are dealing with motherhood, mental health, addiction, or just need some laughter in their life. Tiffany is famous for creating candid content about motherhood, her opioid addiction experience, recovery, marriage, and daily life.

As a highly sought-after speaker, she has completed a 40-city speaking tour discussing addiction, recovery, and her struggles with depression and anxiety. Jenkins shares her own personal experiences with addiction and recovery, whether it’s in jails, high schools, or recovery events.

In her memoir “High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life,” Jenkins provides an up-close account of the mind of an addict and the harmful effects of narcotics. The book illustrates the agony of addiction by describing her life as an active opioid addict, her time spent in prison, and her eventual recovery and journey into motherhood. By mixing genuine honesty with her characteristic humor, Jenkins humanizes the opioid epidemic.

Aside from running her blog and sharing her addiction story, Tiffany Jenkins co-hosts Take It or Leave It, a parenting podcast that deals with marriage, motherhood, and everything in between. She currently resides with her husband and three children in Sarasota, Florida.


What was Tiffany Jenkins’s last book as an author? 

Tiffany Jenkins received critical acclaim for her latest book, Keeping Their Marbles: How the Treasures of the Past Ended Up in Museums and Why They Should Stay There (OUP). The Sunday Times reviewed it as “an outstanding achievement, clear-headed, wide-ranging and incisive.” In addition to this work, Jenkins has written Contesting Human Remains in Museum Collections: The Crisis of Cultural Authority and has served as editor for Political Culture: Soft Interventions and Nation Building.


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