Did Kubrick play a sinister trick on the audience with Jack’s eyes?

Few movies have generated the entire lifetime of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” Despite the film’s mixed reviews upon its initial release, it did little to keep “The Shining” from intrigued film minds thanks to its collection of mysterious story elements. And as the film’s reputation has improved over the years, fans have embarked on an increasingly detailed dissection of virtually every aspect of the horror classic.

This collective obsession manifested itself in the 2012 documentary “Room 237”. The film is split into multiple segments, with fans of “The Shining” diving deep into its many hidden symbols, visual tricks, and larger concepts that extend even beyond the film. From theories that the film is a metaphor for the plight of Native Americans to Kubrick’s alleged connection to the moon landing plots, the endless sea of ​​speculation surrounding “The Shining” has helped the film earn a legacy among horror fans. which remains unequaled.

“Room 237” made the rounds at festivals such as Cannes and the Sundance Film Festival, receiving positive reviews from critics. However, audiences were a little more mixed on the documentary, with a 94% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes coming up against an audience score of 55%. Regardless of whether you find these theories scary or silly, the passion that emanates from the fans who spin them remains a testament to the grip “The Shining” has on the public consciousness even more than 40 years later.

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