DeSantis threatens to build a prison next to Disney World

This is just the latest episode of DeSantis’ Weenie-Wagging at Disney. The first round began after the company dared to criticize its “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The governor planned to retaliate by taking over the Disney-controlled property’s board of directors. But the plan failed when the company foiled it.

Now DeSantis thinks he’ll look good with bigger threats of bigger punishments. He plans to introduce a bill to the legislature that essentially overturns the Disney-controlled board. And he plans to give the state new power to inspect Disney World rides. But that’s not enough retaliation for this guy.

From the New York Times:

Mr. DeSantis also suggested a variety of potential punitive actions against Disney – the state’s largest private employer and taxpayer – including reassessing the value of Walt Disney World for property tax levies and development. of land near the entrances to the complex.

“Maybe make a state park, maybe try to do more amusement parks – someone even said, like, maybe you need another state prison,” Mr. DeSantis said at a press conference near Disney World.

Two weeks ago Mr DeSantis – a leading Republican presidential candidate although he has not officially declared he is running – floated the idea of ​​raising taxes on Disney hotels and to impose tolls on roads leading to its theme parks. He also called for an investigation by Florida’s chief inspector general into Disney’s efforts to circumvent his authority.

Insider pointed out that DeSantis made the announcements “as another storm of hail, thunder and rain rolled into Broward County, worsening flooding in the area that had been easing further since last week and immobilizing planes at Fort Lauderdale International Airport”. But why would DeSantis focus on voter safety and well-being when MAGA’s credibility is at stake?

You know how DeSantis is portrayed as Trump without the “chaos?” Well, DeSantis seems determined to cause as much chaos as possible for his state’s biggest employer and taxpayer. And he’s obviously just as petty as TFG.

Update: When did you lose…Frank Luntz?

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