DeSantis battles to impress Fox business panel ahead of 2024 presidential race | wayne dupree

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t even officially declared his candidacy for president in 2024, but that hasn’t stopped a Fox Business panel from giving him a harsh assessment of his chances against other Republicans.

Over the past few months, the governor has campaigned across the country, focusing on early primary and caucus states in a bid to build support ahead of his scheduled statement this week. According to the polls, he trails former President Donald Trump by a long way.

Larry Kudlow, Mark Simone and Pete Hegseth opened up about how they think DeSantis failed on Monday’s episode of Kudlow.

Kudlow said, “I’m waiting for DeSantis to show me a program for economic growth.” It’s going to be a portfolio vote. A kitchen table vote will take place during this election. And the winner will be whoever has a good, powerful, pro-growth, pro-prosperity platform.

Since Disney is one of Florida’s largest employers and opposed legislation DeSantis signed last year, Kudlow chastised DeSantis for his animosity toward the company.

He continued: “This is about assaulting a company called Disney in his state. He won’t stop. Conservative free marketers don’t criticize corporations. They support businesses and jobs. He doesn’t stop. did not.

“Desantis inherited everything you love about Florida,” added Simone. “No state tax, just like that. He did a fantastic job managing it. Most of that, though, was inherited. You see DeSantis turning Disney into World War III. What would he do with Putin, think about it This man is troubled, he will flourish in 2028. Wait for this moment.

Hegseth stepped in to criticize DeSantis for the way he handled inquiries about Ukraine.

In reference to the Governor’s ambivalence over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he remarked, “Part of DeSantis’ deployment that was so poor was being on both sides of the Ukraine issue.” “It didn’t happen on my watch and it wouldn’t have happened,” Trump said very clearly. I also don’t want to start wars elsewhere. DeSantis went the traditional route first before deviating in a different way.

In essence, Simone claimed that DeSantis lacked interpersonal skills. It doesn’t have the charisma or humor of Trump but has all the drama. That’s his problem.

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