Dear MAGAs, No, You’re Not Patriots

Leigh McGowan is raining righteous hellfire again. But instead of taking on Trump again, she’s calling out all his little MAGAts, who falsely call themselves “patriots,” despite the fact that they are trying to deny justice, sow further disharmony in the country and threaten violence in defense of the biggest crime boss in this country’s history. She lays out all the facts – that TFG has been impeached twice, indicted four times in three different states and hit with 91 charges. She goes on to correctly point out that the bullshit about it being a witch hunt or political hackery or even political retaliation is just that – bullshit. All the witnesses against him are his own people. He was indicted by juries of his peers. There was nothing political about it. But if you can stare at the growing mountains of evidence and still claim that TFG is somehow innocent, or even more laughably, a victim, so be it. But don’t you dare call yourself a patriot. You’re nothing more than Trump’s parrot.

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