David Shafer makes mugshot profile pic, John Eastman glares

David Shafer, John Eastman

David Shafer, John Eastman (Fulton County Jail mugshots)

A number of the defendants in the sprawling racketeering (RICO) indictment brought against former President Donald Trump and 18 allies for efforts overturn the 2020 election have begun to report to jail in Fulton County, Georgia, for booking on state charges — and it’s clear some are handling that reality more gleefully than others.

Former Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer was proud to show off a beaming demeanor and literally made the mugshot his #NewProfilePicture on Wednesday.

According to the indictment, Shafer faces eight counts for RICO, impersonating a public officer, forgery in the first-degree (two counts), false statements and writings (three counts), and criminal attempt to commit filing false documents.

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