David Eigenberg’s hearing informed a controversial Steve story

Probably the worst part about the immediate breakdown of Steve and Miranda’s marriage is that it was such a good relationship in the original series. After meeting Steve when he was a bartender, Miranda brings him home only to fire him immediately after their date. What she thinks is a one-night stand, however, turns into one of the show’s most enduring relationships.

The two eventually have a son together, Brady, even when they’re not together, and their reunion near the end of the series is particularly touching as they admit they were always meant for each other, though. that they go out with other people at times. As the show draws to a close, Miranda shows Steve the ultimate form of love – caring for her sick mother.

The first film sends the couple into a downward spiral when Steve cheats on Miranda, but even then, the two overcome their marital problems. It’s bad enough that Steve is cast aside, but it also feels like both characters, after all they’ve been through, got personality transplants for the revival.

“And Just Like That” returns for Season 2 on June 22, 2023.

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