David Chou indicted for hate crimes in federal court

David Chou, pictured here talking to his assistant public defender, Jennifer Ryan, opened fire on the Presbyterian Church in Geneva, authorities said. Dr. John Cheng charged him, but Chou shot and killed him, authorities said. (Chou image: Mark Rightmire/The Orange County Register via AP; and church image: AP Photo/Ashley Landis, File)

Following a related state case, federal authorities are charging a Chinese man with hate crimes for allegedly attacking a Taiwanese church and murdering a heroic doctor who charged him. The indictment was filed Thursday.

Authorities in Orange County, California previously said the accused, David Wen-Wei Chou, 69, attacked the Geneva Presbyterian Church in a mass shooting on May 15, 2022. US Citizen an immigrant from China, he opened fire on the church angered by political friction between Taiwan and his native nation, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said. That’s why Chou allegedly targeted a place with Taiwanese worshippers.

His “hatred of Taiwan has manifested” since he lived there in the past, “perhaps in his youth,” the sheriff said.

“He wasn’t well received while he was living there,” Barnes said, citing collected evidence.

Chou allegedly did all this to the innocents of the Presbyterian Church in Geneva. The Irvine Taiwan Presbyterian Church, which used the space for services, was hosting a lunchtime banquet celebrating the return of one of its pastors from a mission trip to Taiwan.

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