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A BOY died after plunging nearly 50ft from a broken waterslide after sections of it were removed for renovation. Davi Lucas de Miranda, 8, fell from an under-repair pipe on the ride in Brazil and both the waterpark manager and an engineer have been charged with manslaughter over his death. The horrific incident occurred when Davi entered the ride known as Volcano in February, 2022 at diRoma Acqua Park in Caldas Novas, Brazil.

The attraction is made up of four waterslides that come out of the top of a replica volcano, however three of the slides had reportedly been partially dismantled with sections of the long pipes removed.

Not realising the slide had sections missing for maintenance, Davi went down the shoot and plunged 50ft before hitting the ride’s wood and metal structure and then rolling into a shallow pool.

The young boy was rescued but later died in hospital from his injuries. The ride was originally cordoned off by fencing to prevent waterpark goers from entering the steps of the slide while it was under maintenance.

However, investigations have revealed that the fencing was allegedly removed on the manager’s instructions after further barriers were installed around the area of the slide.

The Civil Police investigation case concluded that had the original fencing not been removed, young Davi would have not accessed the ride.

Only one of the four of the ride’s tubes was closed off, investigators say, and the victim went down one of the open tubes, which was missing part of its siding. Civil Police have named the civil engineer responsible for the repair work as Flavio Tomaz de Aquino Musse and the waterpark manager as Cristiano Vilela Reis.

The investigation report stated: “It is possible to see the reckless behaviour on the part of the manager, since the investigation pointed out that he ordered the fence to be installed at the Volcano ride, more precisely at the base of the stairs that led to the platform where the water slides began, which was built as ordered.

“However, later, with the fencing being installed in an external area, the manager determined that the barrier on the stairs should be removed.

“If he had not acted in this way, David Lucas de Miranda would certainly not have been able to climb up to the water slide from where he fell.”

Police chief Rodrigo Pereira added that the two accused breached their duty of care by failing to assign employees to guard the site during opening hours.

The maintenance company and the waterpark manager, Reis, have been reached for comment.

Soon after his son’s tragic death last year, Luciano told Brazil’s UOL website, his son had been pestering him to take him to the waterpark.

“I told Davi we would go the next day, but he really wanted to go.

“I warned him that we would have to stay for a short time and he told me ‘I’m dying to go to the park’.

“So we went with the stroller with my one-year-old son and him.” Luciano continued: “He was used to going down the Volcano. It all happened very fast.

“How did they let a child on a closed water slide?”

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