Dave Chappelle compares San Francisco to a zombie movie

Dave Chappelle says San Francisco’s homelessness crisis is so bad the city has become scary.

The comedian shared this observation during a surprise stand-up in the city.

“What happened to this place?” Chappelle told the Masonic Auditorium audience, according to a Article SFGate on performance.

Chappelle told the audience that he considered San Francisco his second home because he had done hundreds of shows there early in his career.

But after returning to the Bay Area for Thursday night’s performance, Chappelle said San Fran went down to “half Joyhalf zombie movie.

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THE Chappelle show The comic said he saw a homeless man defecating outside an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin neighborhood as he walked into the restaurant.

” You all [N-words] need a Batman!” he joked.

THE San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city’s 2022 homeless count found a total of 7,800 people without homes.

Of the nation’s largest cities that count their homeless populations, “only Los Angeles had a higher rate of homeless homelessness at 0.67%,” the article said.

Maybe Dave Chappelle’s comments were a coincidence, but CNN aired a special tonight about homelessness and crime in San Francisco.

The episode titled “What Happened to San Francisco” is part of the network’s new Sunday primetime series The whole story with Anderson Cooper.

CNN’s “What Happened to San Francisco” special explores crime and homelessness in the California city. (Credit: CNN)

This weekend’s episode explored the “political and social issues plaguing the city of San Francisco,” according to a CNN press release.

The official episode description says the city is “at the forefront of national homelessness, mental illness and addiction crises,” adding that “some residents are concerned that the largest municipality in northern California from becoming a so-called bankrupt city”.

What happened in San Francisco airs Sunday, May 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The episode is available on demand starting Monday, May 15 for pay-TV subscribers through CNN.com, CNN apps and cable platforms.

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