Dark Brandon Sends Epic Burn As DeSantis Crashes Twitter

Ron DeSantis’ presidential announcement in 2024 was meant to be a groundbreaking moment for Elon Musk and Twitter. No other candidate has officially announced their candidacy on any social media platform, let alone a huge “virtual boardroom” called Twitter Spaces.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. It was supposed to start at 6 PM EST, but it kept crashing.

It has become a running joke. Crash your campaign before it even starts.

The media were everywhere. Daily Mail, Washington Post, CNN, the Drudge Report homepage and even FOX News.

Donald Trump even came out with an immediate response, mocking DeSantis.

But the BEST burn of all came at 6:16 from Joe Biden’s count. It just said “this link works” with a link to actblue.

WELL DONE, sir. Good game.

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