Danielle Cabral explains why she might not return to RHONJ

Danielle Cabral explains why she might not return to RHONJ as Rachel Fuda calls out the cast "Nuts" and reflects on the first season

Danielle Cabral is not 100% convinced by the idea of ​​returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for its upcoming 14th season.

Like her and her rookie colleague Rachel Fouda looked back on their first season on the Bravo reality series, Danielle admitted she was hesitant about upcoming episodes after a ‘tough’ 13th season as Rachel joked the cast was ‘crazy’ and recalled both “fun” and “scary” times.

“Holy shit, like, what else could have happened? Like, what was that? Rachel asked on the June 13 episode of RHONJ: after the show. “You’re all crazy, and I guess I am too.”

Although Rachel noted that some drama was “sad,” that wasn’t the only emotion she was dealing with.

“It was fun. It was scary but so interesting to see what happens when you get nine great personalities together and say ‘have fun,'” she admitted.

Meanwhile, in its own After the show segment, Danielle described the season as “difficult”.

“It was hard… It was a lot. I really should think about it [coming back]“, she confessed.

Then, when asked if there was a chance she would say “no” to a comeback, she admitted there was.

“Out of 100%, there’s probably a 20% chance, 15, 20% chance,” Danielle said, explaining, “I don’t know if it was a lot. You ask me the truth, how was it, it was very difficult for me.

While the flashback moments featured tiffs between Danielle and Marguerite Josephswho targeted Danielle’s estrangement from her brother Thomas DiPetro at one point on the show, Danielle went on to say that she was not used to being in such tense situations.

“I was a kid in high school when I was dealing with stuff like that. It goes against everything I stand for as a person, as a human being, as a woman, trying to destroy another woman.

After hearing what her co-star had to say, Jennifer Aydin encouraged her to return, pointing out the hardships she endured, including her husband’s denunciation Bill Aydin‘s case in the middle of season 12.

“I mean look what they did to me and I came back,” she noted.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 has reportedly been put on “hiatus” as producers decide who will return and who will be released.

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