Daniel Gunnarsson convicted of murdering Katie Pham

Jurors convicted Daniel Gunnarsson of murdering Katie Pham. (Images: Kern County District Attorney’s Office)

When hundreds of people showed up last year to a vigil for murder victim Katie Pham, her father, Tom Pham, said, “Our only consolation would be for justice to be served so that Katie could rest easy and Ridgecrest as a community could rest easy with her,” according to The Daily Independent.

They got that justice on Wednesday.

Jurors in Kern County, California, convicted Daniel Gunnarsson, 23, of murder in the first degree and mutilating a corpse.

As previously reported, Pham’s friends said the defendant displayed hostile behavior toward the victim amid their brief relationship. In one example, he picked Pham up from Las Vegas several days before the murder and drove erratically and at high speeds because she was on the phone and not paying attention to him, according to one of the friends in a KGET report.

This friend also claimed to overhear Gunnarsson insult Pham over the phone when she did not want to go to his home.

Pham did not return his feelings. Gunnarsson soured.

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