Daniel Cormier places Conor McGregor in special USADA exemption category

According to UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier, if Conor McGregor is granted permission to participate in fights before 2023 concludes, it could pose a challenge for USADA.


McGregor has not reentered the testing pool overseen by USADA. In fact, the “Notorious” fighter didn’t meet the deadline to rejoin in time for potential competition this year. While Dana White, the UFC president, was recorded saying, “Who cares what USADA says,” he has denied making the statement, despite the existence of video evidence.

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Daniel Cormier speaks on McGregor USADA controversy

In a recent update on his YouTube channel, Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts regarding the ongoing controversy involving Conor McGregor and USADA.

“There really is no base amount of test that you have to take in order to be eligible,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “It’s not like they say it’s six clean tests before you can fight. They may test McGregor more and maybe it’s not six months, maybe its three months and he takes as many tests as he needs to in order to be cleared to fight.”

Expressing his viewpoint, Cormier emphasized that he believes it would constitute a significant mistake if USADA were to provide Conor McGregor with a waiver to compete in the current year solely due to his celebrity status.

Cormier says McGregor is an exception

“Here’s where the issue becomes: You make that exception, then how do you implement this rule for the rest of the people?” Cormier said. “We’ve seen exceptions before, and generally, they are for the most high-profile and best fighters in the world, which – Conor McGregor does fit into that category.”

Unquestionably, in an ideal scenario, the UFC’s year-end pay-per-view would showcase McGregor vs. Michael Chandler as the headline bout. However, whether the UFC’s vision materializes is still uncertain.

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