Dakota Fred Hurt suffering from cancer. His wiki, bio, age, net worth, wife, family.

Dakota Fred Hurt is a veteran gold miner and television personality known for his role in the reality TV show “Gold Rush” and its spin-off  “Gold Rush: White Water.” He is the leader of the Dakota Boys, a team of skilled and daring miners who are willing to go where others won’t and do what others can’t. For years, he has braved the harsh conditions of Alaska and the Yukon, chasing his dream of striking it rich. But behind his tough exterior lies a man who has faced many challenges in his personal life. He has endured a failed marriage, a divorce, and a recent diagnosis of stage four cancer. Yet, he refuses to give up or give in. He is determined to make the most of his time left on this earth and to share his passion and wisdom with his son Dustin and his crew. He is not just a gold miner. He is a survivor. 

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Early Life & Age

There is no hiding Fred Hurt in old age, astonishingly he is able to keep up with the hardship of Gold Mining. Fred was born on July 10, 1943, making his age 79 years currently. The TV star is originally from Minot, North Dakota hence the nickname “Dakota” came to be, and his other nickname is “BigFoot”.

Dakota Fred Hurt
“Gold Rush” Dakota Fred Hurt

From his early years, Fred was an avid fisherman and spent most of his time exploring the outdoors. Because of that, he did not do well in school. Later, in high school, he was able to improve his grade, but still, involved in fishing tremendously.

The man loved everything related to water which also got him in sport diving mostly off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas, off Padre Island. During those years Fred was serious about making a career in Marine Biology but once he learned they do not earn much he did not pursue the profession.

After high school, Fred took Geology classes in college, unfortunately, he did not get much further with it too.

Career and Progression

You would be surprised and yet inspired to learn about Fred Hurt’s career transition. For most of his life, he worked in construction including running a company of his own for nearly 25 years.

In his younger years, Fred was a commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico. There he learned underwater construction, demolition, and salvage. His hardworking nature helped him to gain the grit to establish a construction company of his own. He ran the company nearly for 25 years before retiring in 2004.

Gold Rush Fred Hurt

Even at the age of 60, Fred did not think of taking a rest from hard work in favor of a comfortable life with his family. Instead, he took a new leap and turned to gold mining in Alaska. Naturally, at first, it came hard for him and suffered from fitness issues. He weighed over 10 pounds more than his initial weight and could not keep up with a younger crowd of miners.

In over 15 years as a gold miner, Fred has adapted quite well, shed the extra weight, and buffed up to the requirement of the job. He is one of the most capable people to extract gold, especially in the frozen part of Alaska due to his experience in sport diving.

Television Career

Fred Hurt first appeared on “Gold Rush” in Season 1 as a guest miner who helped Todd Hoffman’s team with his expertise and equipment. He joined the team full-time in Season 2, but soon clashed with Hoffman over mining strategies and leadership. In Season 3, he formed his own team with his son Dustin Hurt and took over the Porcupine Creek claim that Hoffman had abandoned. He continued to mine there in Season 4, but also explored other locations such as Cahoon Creek and Fantasyland.

Fred Hurt Gold Rush


Besides “Gold Rush”, Fred Hurt has also appeared on other shows related to gold mining and adventure. He was featured on “Gold Rush: The Dirt”, a behind-the-scenes talk show that aired alongside “Gold Rush”. He also participated in “Gold Rush: South America”, a special season that followed some of the miners as they explored mining opportunities in Peru, Chile, Guyana and Bolivia. However, he did not enjoy this experience and called it “disastrous” in a Facebook post.

Leaving the Show

After Season 4 of “Gold Rush”, Fred Hurt announced that he would not return for Season 5. He cited financial reasons as the main factor behind his decision, saying that he had spent more than he had made for four years straight and could not afford to continue. He also claimed that there was a conflict of interest between him and the production company, and that he was not paid like an actor despite entertaining millions of viewers. He said that he did not agree with some of the ideas that the film crew came up with, and that he and his son were left to their own devices creatively.


Despite his departure from “Gold Rush”, Fred Hurt did not give up on gold mining or television. In 2018, he returned to the screen with his own spin-off show called “Gold Rush: White Water”. The series follows him and his son Dustin as they dive into the raging whitewater creeks of Alaska, using suction dredges to extract gold from the riverbeds. The show showcases their daring and dangerous exploits, as well as their personal struggles and conflicts. 

Current Endeavors

Fred Hurt turns 80 years old on July 10, 2023, but he shows no signs of slowing down or losing his passion for adventure. He is still actively involved in gold mining and filming for “Gold Rush: White Water” along with his son Dustin and their crew. However, he recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, which has put his future plans in jeopardy. He shared the news with his fans in a press release from his production company, Thrill of the Hunt Entertainment. However, he did not specify what type of brain cancer he has, but said he is exploring options for possible treatment. He said that he hopes to find more adventures that he can share with his fans despite his dark diagnosis. He also expressed his gratitude for his fans’ support and love over the years.

Net Worth?

Despite self-proclaiming, not a rich man, and classifying himself in the working-class category, Fred is able to afford a comfortable life for himself and his family. His major source of income comes from gold mining and the TV show Gold Rush. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of $6 Million.

Personal life

Wife & Family

Fred Hurt has been married for over 42 years and it took him three women to do it. There is no information about his first wife. His second wife was Lorrayne Frances Leier Hurt.

Lorrayne had a passion for collecting items and going to auction. She even opened a collectible business in a joint venture with Fred. The two also became part of the charitable cause by being very active in local civic organizations.

Fred Hurt Second Wife Lorrayne Frances Leier Hurt
Fred Hurt’s Second Wife, Lorrayne Frances Leier Hurt

Fred loved Lorrayne and had no plan of parting with her but fate had a different plan. Lorrayne suffered from a long-time illness. Ultimately, she passed away on February 2, 2015.

His married life didn’t end there but took a new turn. After his wife left this world many of his friends were there for him, among them was Jennifer Sheets. Jennifer became his life partner on July 30, 2016, almost 17 months after his wife passed away.

Fred Hurt and Jennifer Sheets had their wedding at Letnikof Cove in Haines, Alaska. The two are blissfully married. Jennifer also appeared on the Gold Rush where she showcased her cooking skill for the Dakota Boys.

Fred Hurt and his second wife Jennifer Hurt
Fred Hurt and his second wife Jennifer Hurt

Fred has no kids with his current wife. From his previous relationship, he has four children, six grandkids, and five great-grandkids. His son on the show, Dustin Hurt is one of four children from the previous relationship.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Fact Value
Full name Fred Hurt
Nickname Dakota Fred
Date of birth July 10, 1943
Age 79
Place of birth Minot, North Dakota, USA
Occupation Businessman, miner, reality TV star
Net worth $6 million (estimated)
Wife Lorrayne Frances Leier Hurt (second wife) Jennifer Sheets (third wife)
Son Dustin Hurt
TV shows Gold Rush, Gold Rush: White Water
Health condition Diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in 2023

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