Current CIA chief has visited convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a few times | WSJ | wayne dupree

William Burns, the current CIA director under President Joe Biden, is among a number of others who frequently interacted with the convicted pedophile, according to records acquired by The Wall Street Journal.

The head of the country’s spy agency, a seasoned college president and prominent women in finance. A slew of documents, including his calendars, show that Jeffrey Epstein’s social circle was wider than previously thought years after his conviction for sex crimes.

The logs reveal that in 2014, when Epstein was deputy secretary of state, William Burns, director of the CIA since 2021, scheduled three meetings with him. After their first meeting in Washington, Mr Burns went to Epstein’s apartment in Manhattan, according to the report.

Epstein was jailed in 2008 for a sex offense involving an underage girl and registered as a sex offender. Recently released public documents reveal that although they were not included in Epstein’s “black book” or flight logs, several prominent figures interacted with him after this time. The publication said there had never been a report on the records before, which included countless pages of submissions and schedules from 2013 to 2017.

The WSJ said it was unable to confirm that all scheduled meetings actually took place, and the documents do not disclose the purposes of the sessions.

The majority of people named in the archives that the Journal spoke to said Epstein’s wealth and connections were the main reasons for their travels. After spending time for his prior sex offense conviction, several people believed he had recovered.

Burns met Epstein about a decade ago when he was about to leave the agency, CIA spokeswoman Tammy Kupperman Thorp said. She said: ‘The director knew nothing about him other than that he was presented as an expert in the financial services industry and given generic advice on transitioning to the private sector. existed between them.

Burns, a career diplomat, met Epstein in 2014 when he was undersecretary of state. Records indicate that two late-night meetings at Epstein’s townhouse in September as well as a luncheon were held in August at the Washington headquarters of law firm Steptoe & Johnson. Epstein arranged for his driver to pick up Burns from one of the sessions and drive him to the airport.

According to Thorp, Burns remembers having a short meeting with Epstein in New York and being introduced to him in Washington by a mutual acquaintance. The director does not recall speaking with Epstein again or being taken to the airport, she said.

“The following month, in October 2014, Mr. Burns resigned from his post at the State Department to head the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank. He managed the Carnegie Endowment until appointed by President Biden of him to be the director of the CIA in early 2021, according to the WSJ.

Epstein was accused in the press in 2006 of assaulting Florida women as young as 14. In 2008, Epstein reached a settlement with prosecutors that allowed him to escape federal charges after investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and police. Instead, he admitted to soliciting and obtaining a child for prostitution, registering as a sex offender and completing about 13 months of a work release program.

Epstein’s case has received extensive media coverage, with multiple publications documenting allegations of abuse of underage girls and women in the United States and other countries. A number of lawmakers returned Epstein’s gifts to them in 2006, and several of his colleagues made an effort to disassociate themselves from him. Leslie Wexner, a retail magnate and millionaire, said in 2007 that he had severed relations with Epstein. Although some bankers reportedly continued to meet with Epstein for several years after 2013, JPMorgan Chase & Co. closed Epstein’s accounts in 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Virginia Giuffre accused Epstein in public in 2015 of sexually molesting and trafficking her as a child and forcing her to have sex with powerful individuals, including Prince Andrew. story read: “Prince Andrew refuted the charges and last year reached a settlement in Ms Giuffre’s sexual assault case.

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