Crunchyroll will stream Sweet Reincarnation and Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 in July

Crunchyroll, a popular anime and manga streaming service, has announced that it will release two new anime series in July. The first series is Sweet Reincarnation, based on the light novels written by Nozomu Koryu. The second series is the fifth season of the popular anime Bungo Stray Dogs, based on the manga by Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa.

Sweet Reincarnation: a unique anime

Sweet Reincarnation is an upcoming animated series about a boy named Pastry who is about to become the next lord of Morteln, a destitute dominion. Pastry is known for his remarkable talent at a young age, but what sets him apart is that he was a genius pastry chef in his previous life. Even after being reincarnated, Pastry retains his determination to craft sweets that will make everyone smile. However, many challenges stand in his way, including bandits, malevolent nobles, an unhappy financial situation, and a barren land. The only weapons he has to fight with are his own ingenuity and love for candy making. The anime is directed by Naoyuki Kuzuya and written by Mitsutaka Hirota.

Bungo Stray Dogs: an exciting anime

The fifth season of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime is also set to air in July. The anime follows the story of the Armed Detective Agency, a group of detectives with supernatural powers. They must protect themselves from Tenjin Goshui, a rival group led by Kamui. The fourth season premiered in January, and Crunchyroll streamed it in Japan. The main staff returning for the fourth season included director Takuya Igarashi, series script supervisor and writer Yoji Enokido, character designer and chief animation director Nobuhiro Arai, and animation studio BONES. Main cast members Yūto Uemura, Mamoru Miyano, Sumire Morohoshi, Kensho Ono, and Kishō Taniyama also returned.

Fans of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime will be delighted to see the return of their favorite characters, while fans of Sweet Reincarnation can expect a unique story with plenty of challenges for the main character to overcome.

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Distribution and availability

Crunchyroll is known for streaming anime and manga, and fans can watch both Sweet Reincarnation and the fifth season of Bungo Stray Dogs on the platform in July. Crunchyroll is streaming trailers for both anime on its website, giving fans a taste of what to expect from these upcoming series.

Final Thoughts

Anime and manga fans can look forward to two new anime series coming to Crunchyroll in July. Sweet Reincarnation promises to be a unique story with plenty of challenges for the main character to overcome, while Bungo Stray Dogs’ fifth season will continue the gripping story of the Armed Detective Agency. Both series are sure to be popular among anime fans, and fans can watch them on Crunchyroll when they premiere in July.

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