Convicted sexual predator Andrew Couch sentenced to 60 years

Sofa Andrew Stephen

Andrew Stephen Couch (Knoxville Police Department)

A Knoxville, Tennessee man convicted of producing child pornography, including the videotaped sexual abuse of a 4-and-a-half-year-old girl visiting his home, has been sentenced to serve six decades in a federal prison after trying and failing to get out of his guilty plea.

Andrew Stephen Couch, 37, learned of his punishment Thursday in the Eastern District of Tennessee courtroom from U.S. District Judge Katherine A. Crytzer, a late 2020 Trump appointee implicated in the conduct of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during Senate confirmation hearings following his Supreme Court nomination. Krytzer sentenced Couch to serve 60 years – two consecutive 30-year sentences – plus a lifetime supervised release.

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