Community cop allegedly raped CID boss’ 13-year-old daughter

Jacob Tetteh, a community police officer, allegedly raped the daughter of a CID leader in Yilo Krobo township near Koforidua.

The suspect, Jacob Tetteh, has been charged with raping the CID’s 13-year-old daughter, leaving her bruised and unable to walk.

A video that captures the report has since surfaced online as people reacted.

According to the details gathered, Jacob serves as a son in the household of the CID boss.

The woman from CID on the day of the incident sent Jacob on an errand to deliver goods to her house.

Upon arriving, he bumped into the sleeping 13-year-old and unfortunately took the wrong path.

The 13-year-old was reportedly taken to hospital after the incident.

community police rape cid's daughter

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