Common Sense Networks, Integral Ad Science Strike Kids-Ads Alliance

Common Sense Networks and Integral Ad Science have entered into a pact to provide safe, data-driven solutions to the children’s advertising market.

Common Sense Networks, a for-profit subsidiary of Common Sense Media, creates and curates safe content experiences for kids, and was behind the launch of Sensical, a video streaming hub for kids ages two to ten. years. Integral Ad Science strives to place ads in safe environments

Under the terms of the pact, IAS will leverage Common Sense Networks proprietary information and data to help its customers place and manage campaigns, while complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Shield Rule, which requires certain requirements to operators of websites directed to children under the age of 13.

“Common Sense Networks remains deeply committed to creating safe and smart solutions for brands through the significant resources at our disposal, anchored by our proprietary data and contextual targeting solutions,” said Jad Dunning, COO of Common Sense Networks, in a statement. communicated. “We look forward to working closely with IAS to raise industry awareness of COPPA compliance for their brand partners who want to place safe and contextually relevant campaigns across a wide range of digital content.”

Advertisers have long been concerned about so-called “brand safety” issues, and those concerns have only grown in a world increasingly reliant on social media.

“Integral Ad Science provides advertisers with the most actionable data to drive superior results while protecting their brands,” Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer at IAS, said in a prepared statement. “Working with Common Sense Networks, we’re excited to offer advertisers a powerful new tool to ensure their ads are served in a safe and on-brand environment. As a father of three, I’m proud that IAS is leading the way in protecting children from exposure to inappropriate advertising.”

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