Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is bizarrely obsessed with new arena’s toilets as roof is completed

The LA Clippers are about to not have to share Arena with the Lakers for home games, as owner Steve Ballmer bragged that his team’s new arena has three times as many restrooms as the current average for the league.

Players and officials gathered at the construction site Tuesday to commemorate the installation of the latest steel girder, but the Clippers boss seemed more enthusiastic about the arena’s toilet facilities.

Appearing at the nearly-completed Intuit Dome in Inglewood, Calif., on Tuesday, the former Microsoft executive was especially excited that fans no longer have to refrain from using the bathroom when his team is playing down the stretch of next season. .

‘Bathrooms!’ Ballmer yelled. ‘1,160 toilets and urinals! Three times the NBA average! We don’t want people waiting in line. We want them back in their fucking seats at the end of the half or before the game.’

The 66-year-old American businessman previously shared that he’s become “really obsessive” about how many bathrooms his team’s new home will have at the groundbreaking arena event in 2021.

‘Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms!’ he added.

The LA Clippers will play NBA games at the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, California in 2024

The stadium will have capacity for 18,000 fans and is being built by the infrastructure consultancy AECOM

The arena will also include a large outdoor area with multiple basketball courts for fan use.

Part of the roof of the Intuit Dome was built in February and could be seen from the road (pictured)

Construction workers place a steel beam on the roof of the Intuit Dome with cranes on Tuesday.

The Clippers have never won an NBA championship since first coming to the league as the Buffalo Braves, then the San Diego Clippers, before finally moving to the City of Angels in 1984.

Expected to be completed by 2024, the Intuit Dome is located near the LA Chargers’ SoFi Stadium and is believed to have cost $2 billion to build.

In 2019, the Clippers revealed that their new home will be able to hold up to 18,000 fans. The seats will be designed by the multinational infrastructure consultancy AECOM.

What’s more, the arena will include a practice facility, sports medical clinic, team offices, retail space and a large outdoor area with multiple basketball courts, where fans can play casual basketball.

Technology will also be everywhere, with some allowing fans to get up from their seat, walk to a concession stand on the concourse, grab a drink or snack, and then, if they do as Ballmer expects, return to their seat. .

There would be no cashier, no one to take the order, and the customer’s account would be debited automatically. Aside from the paying for it part, it would be like opening the fridge at home, grabbing a drink, and going back to the couch.

After last season, Ballmer revealed that it was finally time for the Clippers to step out of the Lakers’ shadow and find their own home, as both teams have shared Arena, better known as Staples Center, since 1999.

The arena is primarily associated with the Lakers, where the Purple & Gold have won six championships.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer (arm outstretched) showed his team’s new stadium to players Tuesday.

The 66-year-old former Microsoft executive even shot a basketball at what is now Center Court.

Balmer, Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr., and Clippers players were seen signing a mural

“We’re not anybody’s little brother, we’re a real team,” Balmer, whose $90 billion makes him the eighth-richest person on Earth, told ESPN.

‘At the end of the day, we still have to win games, we have to win championships. If we can give that to Clipper Nation and fulfill my responsibility as a manager, then I’ll feel good.”

The Harvard grad was even seen taking shots from the arena’s construction site Tuesday before signing a mural featuring the team’s current players, including stars Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook.

The Clippers currently have a 34-33 overall record this season and sit as the eighth seed in the Western Conference, the last automatic playoff berth.

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