Christopher Jones used a drone to look in the bathroom: the cops

Convicted sex offender Christopher Jones used a drone to scan a woman

Christopher Jones, a convicted sex offender, used a drone to peer into a woman’s bathroom as she prepared to take a shower, police said. (Photo: Cranston Police Department)

A convicted sex offender used a drone to peer into a woman’s bathroom, only to have it crash the device when she caught him in the act. Christopher Jones was arrested for video voyeurism.

Police responded to a home at 11 p.m. Wednesday where a woman said she spotted a drone peeking out of her bathroom window, officers in Cranston, Rhode Island said. She had just gotten home from work and was getting ready to use the shower, according to cops.

“Her bathroom window was slightly open,” police wrote. “She then heard a buzzing noise and went out into the garden, thinking it had something to do with her swimming pool. Once in the garden, she noticed a drone hovering outside her bathroom window where she was preparing to take a shower.

She approached the machine, and she quickly moved, hit a tree branch and fell to the ground, cops said.

“She quickly grabbed the drone before it took off and submerged it in her pool to deactivate it and called the police to report the drone was looking out her bathroom window,” they said.

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