China bans women from modelling lingerie, so men are doing it

As China has put restriction on female models showcasing undergarments online, Chinese livestream fashion companies have adopted a new approach by featuring male models in their videos. Several clips of male models have surfaced in Chinese media that shows male models wearing a variety of lingerie styles, ranging from push-up bras to snug corsets and lace-trimmed nightgowns, New York Post reported. 

Xu, who is the owner of a livestream business, even introduced a male model wearing a silk robe on the social media website. “The light and luxurious boudoir of the wife and adults,” the caption of the post read, as per the outlet. The clip garnered over 2,000 likes and a flood of commenters shared their opinion on the gender-bending decision.

“If it’s a female model, the live stream would be banned every other minute, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before, this is still depriving a group of women of their job opportunities,” one user wrote. “the guy wears it better than the girl,” commented another.

Livestreams featuring females modelling lingerie have had a history of being promptly shut down and banned as a result of the country’s law against spreading obscene material online. To work around this ban, some of these companies started hiring male models to flaunt women’s lingerie, the outlet reported. 

Speaking to Juipai News, Xu said that he doesn’t understand the fuss about the male models allegedly taking female jobs. “Personally, we don’t really have a choice. The designs can’t be modelled by our female colleagues, so we will use our male colleagues to model it. Many directors of these live streams are women, are they also stealing men’s jobs?” he said. 




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