Charlie Kirk defends Tucker

On Wednesday, right-wing podcaster Charlie Kirk defended former Fox News host Tucker Carlson by saying black people fight by “jumping people” while white people don’t.

In leaked text messages, Carlson was caught suggesting that white men were more civilized than other races when it came to street fighting.

“To jump a guy like that is dishonorable, obviously,” Carlson wrote of a fight he watched. “That’s not how white men fight.”

On his Wednesday show, Kirk insisted that Carlson had done nothing wrong.

“If you really want to understand the truth that Tucker was saying here is that there is a disturbance, it’s a fact, nobody wants to say that,” Kirk remarked. “There is a disturbing pattern of black people jumping on people of all races in urban hallways in America. It’s a fact.”

“By the way, do you know who black people jump more than anyone else?” He continued. “Asians in the streets. There are thousands of videos of black people ganging up on their victims. It’s not racist to say that. It’s not racist to see pattern recognition and say, wow , we don’t usually see that.”

Kirk did not provide any data to back up his claims. Instead, he insisted that Carlson was not racist.

“He doesn’t have a racist element of a whole being,” he said. “He actually deplores racism. He hates racism. He argues against black-only dormitory, woke-ism, this trend that has swept our entire nation.”

Kirk acknowledged that his attack on the black community would lead to backlash.

“And yes, I know this whole clip is going to get cut, and I hope it does,” he noted. “Because if you look at the urban trend happening in Chicago or Philadelphia, groups of black teenagers are jumping on individuals of all races and backgrounds. Thousands and thousands and thousands of videos.”

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