Charged in fatal pickup truck crash in Amqui, Que., now charged with murder


The suspect is accused of ramming a van into a group of pedestrians last month. Three people died and several others were injured.

Suspect faces at least 12 charges, including attempted first-degree murder

A woman stands in front of stairs filled with flowers and stuffed animals
After a fatal van crash last month, a woman stood in front of stairs filled with flowers and stuffed animals that have been placed there to honor the victims. (Rachel Watts/CBC)

The man who was arrested in the fatal pickup truck crash last month in Amqui, Que., now faces a slew of new charges, including three counts of first-degree murder.

On Tuesday, Steve Gagnon was also charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

According to police, Gagnon intentionally drove a pickup truck into a group of pedestrians on March 13. Initially, Gagnon was charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

Three people — Simon-Guillaume Bourget, 41, Gérald Charest, 65, and Jean Lafrenière, 73 — died as a result of the accident.

Several others were injured.

The Gagnon case is expected to return to court on Wednesday.

Quebec AM11:37Local MP Kristina Michaud tries to make sense of the Amqui tragedy

As part of our coverage of the Amqui tragedy, host Julia Caron spoke with Kristina Michaud. She is the Bloc Québécois MP for the region and Amqui is her hometown, a town she says has been deeply hurt.


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