Celine Dion fans worry after world tour canceled due to incurable diagnosis | wayne dupree

After discovering an incurable neurological disease, Celine Dion made the tough decision to cancel her entire world tour. In a recent update to her followers on May 26, the singer expressed her immense disappointment at letting them down. In a statement shared on tweet, Dion, 55, said, “I’m working really hard to rebuild my strength, but touring can be really tough even when you’re at 100 per cent.”

The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer said, “I’m so sorry to let you all down again. Even if it hurts me, it’s better that we cancel everything right now until I’m gone. really ready to go back to the stage again because continuing to postpone performances would not be fair to you.

“I want everyone to know that I’m not giving up…and I can’t wait to see you again.

Six months after producing a heartbreaking video providing insight into her diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome, Celine Dion has announced that the disease is hampering “every aspect of my daily life.” She added that the muscle spasms limited her ability to sing and perform, as well as daily chores.

She claimed in December that the spasms “affect all aspects of my daily life, sometimes making it difficult for me to walk and preventing me from using my vocal cords to sing as I normally do.”

Dion also assured her followers that she had a “great team of doctors” working hard to help her recover, but acknowledged it had been a “struggle”.

“Singing is all I know. It’s what I’ve always done and what I’ve always loved to do,” she added.

The remaining 42 Dion’s Courage World Tour shows will be refunded at the original point of purchase.

For further questions, ticket holders are asked to contact the place where they first purchased them.

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