Celebrities rally for hurt but brave Bebe Rexha after update

On June 19, a spectator threw a phone on stage, directly at Bebe Rexha, leaving her injured and forcing her to interrupt her show in New York to seek medical attention. The singer recently updated her Instagram account showing a cut just above her eye, bravely saying, “I’m fine.”

Friends, fans and celebrities have gathered around the 33-year-old, wishing her a speedy recovery and sending her all the love for her story as the attacker is charged with a crime.

Bebe Rexha tells her fans: “I’m fine”

Bebe Rexha posts injury photos and tells fans:
Instagram | Baby Rexha

Taking inspiration from her song, Rexha told her fans, “I’m fine,” posting two photos of her injury on Instagram, showing her with a deep cut above her eye and a black eye as well.

The injury occurred after a spectator, now identified as Nicolas Malvagna, threw a phone on stage which hit her in the face. Shortly after, a fan video showed Raxha turning away from the crowd, clutching her face, as she knelt on the stage in agony. The team quickly rushed to help her and the rest of the show was canceled as Rexha then went for treatment, receiving stitches for the same.

Now she’s letting her fans know she’s fine, although many reacted in shock and horror at what happened, as one angry fan commented:

“It’s so unacceptable what happened to you. I’m willing to bet this crime was committed by a man. Another example of women feeling unsafe and fearful in their jobs due to insecure little boys in them. I am so sorry and I hope that this person will be brought to justice.

Here is the video of Rexha injured:

Demi Lovato, Leona Lewis and more are rallying for her

Celebrities rally for Bebe Rexha
Instagram | Baby Rexha

Many celebrities are rocked by the assault on the helpless singer, as they rallied around her Instagram post, giving her support and sending her love.

Demi Lovato wrote:I love you girly.. I’m so sorry this happened to you 😣”

Leona Lewis commented with a simple, “Sending love ❤️” while Lauren Jauregui looked appalled, “Dude what the fuck?!? I’m so sorry baby😩 so fucked up.

Hayley Kiyoko also made her anger known, “Literally, no one should be throwing shit that makes me so upset. We love you @beberexha happy you’re going ‘ok’ 🥺”

John Stamos also commented, “It’s 100% screwed! Hope you are well BeBe xo.

Meanwhile, official music company handles are also sending Bebe commiserations, with Warner Music writing, “We love you 💙” and Warner Music also commenting, “We love you, Bebe ❤️”, picked up by Spotify.

Fans seemed equally upset, writing, “So sorry this happened to you! Society has lost its mind. Hope this leads to more phone-free gigs.

This is Bebe, being a brave girl! With tickets for her June 20 concert still on sale, it’s clear Bebe is ready to rock her fans again, not to mention black eye.

Phone caster thought it would be ‘funny’ to hit Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha injured during her concert in New York by phone thrown in the face
Instagram | Baby Rexha

Keen-eyed bystanders and security immediately spotted the assailant, and the NYPD responded to the scene to arrest 27-year-old Nicolas Malvagna, charging him with a felony charge of the phone being used as a weapon.

Here is a video of the man, proudly identifying himself:

According to the New York Post, Malvagna carried out the assault for his own amusement. The phone peeler released a statement saying, “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny.”

We doubt he saw the humor after being charged with assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault and harassment. The New Jersey resident was released without bail following an arraignment Monday and ordered to stay away from Rexha.

Meanwhile, the singer will go on to have “the best fucking night of my life” as it should be!

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