CCP co-conspirator and dissident targeting police stations confirm bounty on Miles Guo, reports Jayne Zirkle

Jayne Zirkle, a reporter for War Room, joins Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s latest infiltrations into the US government. Two major cases are ongoing, exposing the CCP’s agenda against dissidents living in the United States. Pras Michel’s highly publicized trial will soon be deliberated by a jury after hearing testimony from former attorney general Jeff Session, Leonardo DiCaprio and other influential people. Michel was involved in a multimillion-dollar CCP lobbying scheme to extradite Miles Guo. A campaign to harass elite dissidents overseen by China’s Ministry of Public Security was exposed on Monday. More than 40 people have been charged in the case.

“What inextricably links the Pras Michel case and the bombing that happened on Monday is with those police stations in Chinatown, is the effort to get Miles Guo and of course the prosecution of security.”

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