Carrie could have been played by two other actresses

Darren Star has found his winning “Sex and the City” combination with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall, but it’s not without a lot of auditions. In fact, Parker wasn’t a complete shoo-in for Carrie’s character wearing Manolo.

In an interview on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Mädchen Amick claimed that after starring in the CBS prime-time soap opera “Central Park West,” she was offered a spin-off for her character, Carrie. Fairchild, which eventually became “Sex and the City”. .” “I got the phone call and I got the offer,” she said. Amick told Page Six that she turned down the role to raise her children. “I was offered ‘Sex and the City’ because it was a spin-off of a character I played on ‘Central Park West,'” she said. “My kids were so young that I didn’t feel like I could do an hour-long show.” Although she noted that in hindsight she should have taken “SATC”, she admitted that Parker was successful in the role.

Lisa Edelstein also received a “Sex and the City” contract before Parker signed on to the show. In a 2016 interview with “Access,” the “House” star revealed the role would have been his if Parker had turned it down. “I was going to do it or not. It all depended on whether she said yes,” Edelstein revealed. “My contract was complete. I was waiting.”

Star confirmed Edelstein’s story in a Kindle Singles interview in which he revealed that if Parker had turned down the role of Carrie, he would have moved on with Edelstein instead.

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