Carnival Row’s Cara Delevingne had a terrible experience filming in freezing temperatures

As Cara Delevingne explained during the aforementioned “Conan” Q&A, the “Carnival Row” scene in question between her and Bloom was shot “in Prague on location. [where] they had an amazing backlot. But she added: “It was absolutely freezing.” Bloom then noted the batch’s low temperature, saying, “I think it was probably minus six. [Celsius, i.e., 21 degrees Fahrenheit].” With the studio’s standard “rain blimps” frozen and useless, Delevingne continued, the crew had to form water hoses over the actors and continuously flood them with water.

Apparently, Bloom’s costume has also become an issue, an element of her outfit conspiring to make her co-star’s life even wetter and more unpleasant. “Orlando had a bowler hat,” she said, “So when they pulled the hose off his bowler, I just got water in my face.” The actress continued to act out her hilarious efforts to keep delivering her emotional and heartfelt lines to Bloom while periodically stopping to bend over and spit water. So while “Carnival Row” may conjure up a magical, fairytale realm for audiences, filming certain moments could be a freezing, waterlogged nightmare for Cara’s Fairytale Vignette.

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