Carl’s Date: Is It Ed Asner’s Voice?

In “Carl’s Date”, Dug helps Carl calm his pre-date nerves as he plans a date with a female friend; a challenge for the curmudgeon as he has no idea how dating works these days. In an interview with Animation Magazine, Bob Peterson said that Pixar only had one recording session with Ed Asner for “Carl’s Date,” but he was amazed at how quickly Asner brought in the common sense. from shade to material. “We really looked for takes that would honor him as best we could and tell the story with Ed Asner’s humor, heart and gruffness. It was all in there and it was fun to find the best,” Peterson explained.

During the Pixar presentation, Peterson noted that Carl’s titular date in the short – his first since the death of his longtime wife, Ellie, in “Up” – is considered a “bow” that crowns the film. story of “Up,” The Wrap reported. Along with that analogy, however, Peterson — who directed and co-wrote the short with Pete Docter — announced that “Carl’s Date” would also be the final “Up” story. , At least for the moment.

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