Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son are left behind for the shooting death of Jeremy Brown

Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son no longer face charges following a tragic shooting at a West Pullman neighborhood restaurant on June 18.

The state’s attorney’s office has decided to dismiss the charges against them based on new evidence that has come to light.

That day, Hood went to the Maxwell Street Express to grab some food while her son waited patiently in the car.

After the initial incident, the individual escaped from the restaurant, prompting the 14-year-old boy to pursue him and continue shooting.

The man suffered two gunshot wounds to the back and tragically died a short time later. Subsequently, Carlisha Hood and her son voluntarily surrendered and were arrested on Wednesday.

However, the charges against them were later dismissed on Monday.

It should be noted that neither Hood nor his son have any known criminal history.

The prosecutor’s office determined that the available evidence and applicable legal standards did not meet the burden of proof required to prosecute the cases.

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