Car hack: Fog light tip is leaving people genuinely mind-blown’

Following the trend of motorists finding hidden compartments in their cars, like one driver who discovered a part of his car no one had used in 20 years, the TikTok user @bellthebuggy has highlighted a secret trick that some drivers may not be aware of.

It’s one in a number of clever hacks and tips being shared on TikTok by cars fans, like one little-known button function that stops serious injuries.

The social media influencer owns a light green Volkswagen Beetle and regularly posts short videos about her car. In one of her latest videos, she answers another TikTok user who asked how to turn on the car’s fog lamps.

She said: “Yes, I would love to show you how to turn on the fog lights. So, here we have like a regular knob to turn on the headlights. But to turn on your fog lights you have to pull it out, one second.”

She locates a round dial to the left of the steering wheel, twists it clockwise so that the headlamps turn on and then pulls it out.

The video then cuts to the outside of the car, where we can see that the fog lamps have been turned on.

However, in the comment section, the user pointed out that not all Volkswagen Beetles came with front fog lights, encouraging users to see if their model does.

Foglamps can be found in the front and rear lights on many vehicles and should be used when driving in bad weather conditions.

They are much brighter than typical headlights and taillights, helping other road users see surrounding vehicles.

However, as a result, drivers have been warned not to turn on their fog lights in typical driving conditions to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

The TikTok tutorial quickly went viral, with over 150,000 views so far, and many people have thanked @bellthebuggy for the tip.

One viewer commented: “omg ty! Ever since I bought my VW, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.”

Another advised: “If this doesn’t work for older bug owners: turn on the regular lights with the dial shown in the vid. Push your turn signal forward (towards the road).”

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