Candace Parker is thrilled to celebrate this basketball season with her kids. The WNBA player took to Instagram this past weekend to adore his wife, Anna Petrakova, and their kids, Lailaa and Airr Larry.

“Good, bad, win, lose… My highlight will be seeing my kids after games,” Candace told her fans on social media. “Fifteen years apart and my heart is still exploding,” Parker said of her kids. “Love you SO MUCH,” the star athlete wrote to his family.

It was earlier this year that Candace Parker shared her decision to leave the Chicago Sky to play for the Las Vegas Aces. His desire to spend more time with his wife and children was the determining factor in choosing Parker.

“My family is my reason and my purpose,” Candace told her fans on social media in January. “They have given me the greatest joys I have ever known and continue to show me new levels of love and devotion that I never knew existed,” the WNBA player revealed.

Parker praised her daughter for agreeing to travel anywhere with her mother and adapt to new atmospheres.

“Throughout her 13 years, Lailaa has always sacrificed herself for me; always put me first; and always supported me in what I wanted or needed to do, even when it was hard for her,” Candace told her Instagram followers. I have to be there for my daughter, for my son, for my wife,” the star athlete said.

“After evaluating the landscape with my family, we decided the Las Vegas Aces was the right organization for us at this point in our lives,” Parker said of his decision to switch teams. “I always appreciate everyone in Chicago – our fans, teammates, coaches and owners,” the famous mom shared.

“But more than the last two seasons, I’m grateful for the city that raised me, the childhood friends I still have to this day, the teachers I still learn from, and the moments that will forever remain in my heart.” Parker continued. “Although Chicago will always be my home, my family’s home is on the West Coast,” Candace said.

Parker expressed his satisfaction with his decision to move from Chicago to Las Vegas during a recent interview with PEOPLE. “I really think that at this stage of my career, being able to compete for a championship and doing it in front of my family, is the most important,” said the sportsman.

Lailaa is the daughter of Candace Parker with her ex-husband Shelden Williams. Airr Larry is the WNBA player’s only child with his wife.

Photo: Candace Parker/Instagram

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