Caitlyn Jenner pays tribute to her late mother during a moving funeral service

Caitlyn Jenner’s mother, Esther Jenner, was finally laid to rest about a month after her death at 96.

The late, who always supported Caitlyn even when she left Bruce, will be sadly missed, especially by the “KUWTK” alum.

In honor of Esther’s memory, Caitlyn bared her heart at the funeral ceremony, which took place recently, expressing how heartbroken she felt at having to say goodbye to her mother.

Caitlyn Jenner paid tribute to the memory of her late mother in a new Instagram post

The former Olympic medalist has had a tough few weeks as she mourns her beloved mother. In a recent Instagram post, she paid tribute to the late matriarch while giving her fans a sneak peek at the memorial service.

Caitlyn Jenner speaks at her mother's funeral

The mother-of-six shared a moving image from the ceremony where she was captured standing on a podium behind a pulpit near a portrait of her mother. She was dressed in a simple black dress while holding back tears.

The next picture showed a touching message from the deceased attached to a photo of her smiling. The note read in part: “Don’t grieve for me just now; I’m free. I am the path that God has traced for me. I took her hand when I heard her call. I turned my back and left everything. I couldn’t stay another day.

“To laugh, to love, to work or to play,” he continued. “Unfinished business should stay that way. I found that peace at the end of the day. If my separation leaves a void, fill it with the joy you remember.

Esther further listed a few things she would miss including “a shared friendship, a laugh, a kiss” before urging her loved ones not to be “overwhelmed with moments of grief” but wished them “the sunshine of tomorrow “. In conclusion, she proclaimed that she had lived the best life, which seemed short, but she felt blessed to have been set free by God. In his words:

“My life has been full; I savored many good friends, good times and the touch of a loved one. My time seems too short. Lift up your hearts and share with me; God wanted me now; he freed me.

Along with the touching photos, Caitlyn took to the caption to express how she felt about the former’s passing, adding that she will always be treasured. She wrote, “I spoke at my mother’s memorial service yesterday. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I miss her everyday. She is loved and missed and in a best place.

Caitlyn Jenner speaks at her mother's funeral

Many were saddened by the devastating loss, including Caitlyn’s son Brandon Jenner, who wrote a lengthy tribute in the comments section. Her lyrics began with praise for her grandmother, calling her “incredible” and expressing her joy that she hadn’t failed to say a final goodbye to her.

Brandon maintained that he would never forget their good memories, including his advice about cigarette filters being more harmful than cigarettes. He then mentioned that the deceased had rolled her filters throughout her life before ending her tribute with: “See you soon [on] on the other side, grandma.

More comments poured in, including one from Kylie Jenner, who opted for three white heart emojis. Afterwards, a fan agreed with Caitlyn on the difficulty of losing her mother. They also assured the reality star that Esther was always with her no matter what. Another commenter prayed for the Lord to strengthen and comfort Caitlyn and her family during this difficult time.

Another fan wrote, “Prayers – so sorry to hear about this. Take time for emotional healing and restoration. Sincere condolences.”

‘I Am Cait’ star announces his mother’s death ‘weeks before ’97’

Last month, Caitlyn took to Instagram to share the devastating news of her mother’s death alongside a series of images celebrating the life of the matriarch.

Caitlyn Jenner mourns the death of her mother, Esther, at 96, fans send their condolences
Instagram/Caitlyn Jenner

In her statement, the media personality revealed that Esther had peacefully left earth the morning before, “a few weeks before 97.” She also spoke of her mother’s influence on her life, making the loss unbearable.

Caitlyn said: “The loss of a mother is unique because she is the only person who has loved me my entire life. I will miss her dearly.”

In addition to Cait, Esther had three other children, Pam Mettler, Lisa Jenner and Burt Jenner, whom she shared with her late husband, William Jenner, before he separated in 2000.

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